The rolling off ceremony of Kaiyi X3 Pro was successfully held

On March 3rd, the launch ceremony of Kaiyi X3 Pro was successfully held in Kaiyi Intelligent Factory. Hua-Shurui, member of the Party Leadership Group of Yibin City Government and chairman of the State-owned Assets Company of Yibin City, Li Lin, deputy secretary of the People's Government of Yibin City, Hu Mingjing, second-level inspector and secretary of the Party Committee of Kaiyi Automobile, Yu Jiufeng, chairman of Kaiyi Automobile, Gao Lei, general manager of Kaiyi Automobile, and other relevant leaders attended the ceremony. This activity took the form of both online and offline interaction, creating a rich new experience of "cloud" ways



From the completion and operation of the Kaiyi Intelligent Factory In the speech of Li Lin, deputy secretary of the People's Government of Yibin City, he told that in 2019 to the launch of X3 model in 2020 and then the rollout of X3 PRO, Kaiyi Automobile has been forging ahead in product research and development, vehicle manufacturing and other fields with a rapid momentum, and has made stage achievements. Yibin Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government will give full support to the great development of Kaiyi Automobile, build the ecological system of the whole auto industry chain, and make Kaiyi Automobile become a strong engine to promote the "two-wheel drive of industrial development" strategy of Yibin City.


The general manager of Kaiyi Automobile, Gaolei expressed that The rollout of X3 PRO is another stage achievement of Kaiyi Auto to build Yibin 100 billion level auto industry. Kaiyi Automobile's product line will cover multiple segments of sedans, SUVs, MPVs and new energy vehicles to meet the diversified needs of consumers and add new tiles to the booming development of Yibin Intelligent Manufacturing.


On the scene of the event, Cui Ketian, vice president of Kaiyi Automotive Research Institute, explained the design concept and detailed highlights of X3 Pro. Based on X3 model, X3 Pro adopts the design language of "Chinese style aesthetics". It inherits the gene of youth, fashion and trend. It extends and broadens the appearance, power and configuration, with 1.5T surging power which fits the pursuit of young users for fun driving.



X3 Pro perfectly combines the Chinese style texture with the automobile industry. The front face is delicate and dynamic, and the dragon-like dot-matrix mesh is combined with the split headlamp. The side lines of the car body are smooth, and the posture of the car body is raised at a low angle to create an eager swooping feeling. With the popular suspension roof, the overall style is of strong atmosphere and very visual impact.


Later Hua-Shurui, member of the Party Leadership Group of Yibin City Government and chairman of the State-owned Assets Company of Yibin City announced officially the rolling off of X3 Pro new unit. Under the common witness of the guests and the cloud audience, the first X3 Pro slowly drove off the production line. This marks that Kaiyi Automobile has further expanded its product line in the SUV field and will cover more market segments.


"Gathering power, creating change, joining forces and win-win -- 2021 Kaiyi Auto Business Annual Conference" was also held on the same day. In this business annual meeting, Kaiyi Automobile and the dealers all over the country reviewed the past achievements and made clear the brand target strategy and future planning layout. The New Year will be the opening year of Kaiyi Automobile's new development, and it will also be a booming year. Kaiyi Automobile will move towards a new journey of brand development with a strong momentum of development.


As the backbone of the automobile industry in Sichuan, Kaiyi Automobile is building the value ecosystem of the automobile industry with dedicated craftsmanship spirit, professional manufacturing system and strict quality control. In the future, Kaiyi Automobile will adhere to the customer as the center, continue to refine the market segment, and accelerate the speed of product update and iteration, guarantee the competitiveness of products, and set up a new quality benchmark in the Chinese auto market.