“The bend cool man”KAIYI E5 Chengdu Auto Show World Debut

On 29th of August, KAIYI Auto shows up with its all-star lineup in the 24th Chengdu Auto Show. Its first A-class sedan E5 is also launched worldwide on the same day and blind orders are opened. The new car model is positioned as a sporty sedan.


The new car model has sun gold, rising sun red, popular gray, universal black, star white five body colors, the exterior appearance uses "Western and Chinese minimalist aesthetics" design language. Many design parts of the car body are inspired by the number 7. The shape is trendy, dynamic and recognizable. At the same time, the design of double waist line, racing type lower guide plate, stainless steel metal double exhaust pipe also further highlight the new car's sports attributes.

The new car interior provides black red, black gray two styles for users to choose, the central console adopts the "airplane cockpit" layout, offering the customers an immersive cockpit experience. At the same time, it is equipped with driver's seat reclining board, front seat heating, seat adjustment and other humanized configurations. In addition, smart configurations such as keyless entry, one-button start and mobile phone wireless charging also enable users to enjoy a more efficient and convenient driving life. In terms of safety configuration, the new model adopts high-strength integrated cage body structure, and the whole system is equipped with ESP body stability system, reversing radar monitoring, speed limit reminder and a number of active and passive safety configuration. At the same time, it also applies ABS+EBD, HHC ramp assist system, AUTOHOLD automatic parking, HD 360-degree panoramic image and other intelligent security configuration. The application of step configuration can bring all-round protection for our customers. 

As "bend cool man", the dynamic performance lives up to expectations. The new model is equipped with a 1.5T engine from Chery Kunpeng Power. It has a maximum power of 115kW, a peak torque of 230N·m and a thermal efficiency of 37.1%. In terms of transmission, MT and CVT gearboxes are matched, which can bring surging power output and also fuel economy, realizing the optimal balance of driving power, ride comfort and economy.

As the first A-class sports sedan of KAIYI Auto, E5 is a "Buff" of appearance level, configuration and power, deeply interpreting the resounding title of "bend cool man". The world debut of E5 will also add a "sharp sword" to the deep cultivation market of KAIYI Auto. Let's look forward to more surprises brought by E5.