Dynamic Model & Excellent Driving, Meet Kaiyi E5

On October 18th , “Cool Man on Bend”, Kaiyi E5 was launched nationwide.

As Kaiyi’s first sports sedan, this new model has fitted into the local characteristics of Bashu culture which is famous for the spicy food and panda. Kaiyi Auto has launched six versions with two kinds of power of 1.5T-MT and 1.5T-CVT.


The younger generation who have just stepped into family life are faced with the dual demands of individual and daily life use. Kaiyi keenly insights this point, and upon the basis of user research and development, launched the first sports sedan. Mr Yin Tongyue, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Chery Group, expressed in his speech, “Chery Group is a strong backup force of Kaiyi Auto, and will continue to fully support the development of Kaiyi in the future, to help Kaiyi Auto complete the layout and iteration of the young.”

Adhering to the strategic goal of brand and product rejuvenation, the break time video “Thinking” showed that Kaiyi has transformed the demands of car purchase into reflecting on product design and R&D. The exterior design of E5, is completed by the Italian design master Lowie Vermeersch, who processes many car design experience of luxury brands. Through his own interpretation of oriental culture, he perfectly integrated hard style and urban attitude, showing Chinese and Western minimalist aesthetics design language.

Nowadays, cars have become a symbol of individuality and the embodiment of life style for the enterprising new generation that act with courage and determination. Besides individual appearance, these thinkers who could act also have a high pursuit of product quality. For these characteristics, at the beginning of research and development, Kaiyi E5 made full use of scenarized process thinking. Models with trendy dynamic modeling, high-tech configuration and supersensory surging power, easily meet young people’s pursuit of a dream car.

Kaiyi E5 emerges in the spotlight to solve the problem of confusion and thinking that young people are holding. Mr Guo Deqiang, assistant to general manager of Chery Auto Co., LTD., executive vice general manager of Kaiyi Auto Co., LTD., general manager of Kaiyi Auto Sales Co., LTD., with the car owner’s representative stepped out of the car. In a short exchange, the car owner shared his mind’s journey from car selection to car purchase, and Mr Guo deqiang also shared his own discovery and thinking. Through communication with car owners, he analyzed the current demands of young people to buy cars, put forward the concept of “value marketing” based on the research of “user journey”, and expressed that Kaiyi would provide users with sincere products, service and pricing.

Kaiyi E5 is like a dark horse arising with surprise in the market under the increasingly fierce competition in the market, ending the “decision hesitation” of young people. On the basis of the young gene, Kaiyi actively embraces the new generation. It’s reasonable to believe that it will become the “afterwave” of the auto market.