KAIYI Qualifies Successfully GCC Certificate, Cultivate Middle East Market

In 2021, KAIYI Auto successfully exported KAIYI Products to Africa, South America and other markets, Subsequently, KAIYI AUTO started globalization strategy that means KAIYI became a new force in the export of Chinese automobile brands.

The GCC certificate has been obtained by KAIYI and it enables KAIYI to enter Gulf market. It laid the foundation for further channel development and customer service in the Middle East countries, and also showed that Kaiyi Auto will enter the high potential automobile market in the Middle East after successfully developing markets in Africa and Latin America. The Middle Eastern clients will have the firsthand experience on KAIYI products soon.

GCC has strict standards and requirements for automotive products which will enter this region, especially in terms of safety, technology and configuration. Kaiyi has improved and enhanced the adaptability of its products to meet the standard requirements and some items are even higher than standard during the certification process.

The GCC certification has suffered unprecedented difficulties because of the pandemic. Kaiyi Auto overcame many difficulties and implemented the certification test in the third country, transporting verified vehicles and   coordinating GCC certification experts to go to a third country for on-site inspecting, and finally past the certification at one time, which was highly praised by GCC certification experts.

At present, Kaiyi Auto has signed distributor agreements with many partners which are in Middle East, and its X3, X3 pro and other models will officially launch into the Middle East automobile market in the second half of 2022.

Kaiyi Auto will give full play to the advantages of Internet thinking - "crowd-sourcing for producing vehicles ", focus on the demand of customers in the Middle East market, continue to knock the market potential, and successively launch many models such as class B SUV and new energy in this region. The spread of KAIYI in GCC also will become benchmarking for surrounding markets during deep ploughing in Middle East market, all of them can help Kaiyi to drive into the fast lane of global strategic layout.