The Grand launching of Kaiyi in Peru

On July 14, Kaiyi was officially launched in Peru market. The general distributor and experts of automotive industry, together with more than 30 social medias witnessed this historical moment, and participated in the test drive. It is believed that Kaiyi will set a new benchmark for Chinese brand SUV with its obvious advantages such as advanced technology, fashion appearance, surging power and strong sense of science and technology.

Altos Andes, which operates as an Importer of Light Vehicles of Asian origin and with the support of the Euromotors Group, announces the arrival of Kaiyi that presents its first model: X3.

Euromotors is one of the top three group companies in Peru, operating Volkswagen Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini and other brands. The arrival of Kaiyi adds a dazzling color to its Asia Brand lines.

Alejandro Lucioni, GM of Kaiyi Peru expressed in the event that Kaiyi stands out for being a friendly, active, innovative and young brand. We aim to place a sales volume of 500 units in the first year and exceed a market share of 1% in the SUV segment. Towards the second year we aim to launch an SUV in the segment of medium SUVs with GDI engine technology. In the medium term, it will also venture into the segment of vehicles with eco-friendly technology in the segment of light vehicles.

Kaiyi X3 SUV is the first mass production vehicle of collective collaboration with a strong internet mentality and is characterized by its design, safety and, above all, technology. Through the crowdsourcing model, Kaiyi has been a pioneer in practicing this model of vehicle production in China.

The successful launching in Peru marks the company's successful entry into the Central and South American market, and soon it will be launched in Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Uruguay and other South American countries.