Kaiyi Auto Successfully Debuted in Costa Rica

The close agent of Kaiyi in Costa Rica, The Cori Motors Group launched Kaiyi models at the Escazu multi-function shopping center on Feb 4, 2023. This activity attracted more than hundreds consumers witness this launching of Kaiyi Models, Including  local well-known media, online celebrities, potential customers, and so on. 

It‘s first time to release two Kaiyi models for  Costa Rica market,  Kaiyi X3 is fuel model,  Kaiyi X3 Pro EV is new energy model, a compact SUV. Which has caught much consumers interesting, made in-depth interaction,and even place advance booking on-site. 

Cori Motors Group, the general agent of Costa Rica,The group was founded in 2009, and accumulated more than 13 years of rich experience in the automobile industry. Which has developed rapidly in past 13 years, Cori Motors has become the market leader and occupied the local major automobile market shares, especially in EV segment. Whose lone-term partners are BYD, CHERY, DFM/ZNA, FOTON, etc. It’s definitely believed that Cori Motors will bring Kaiyi cars to more local people and integrate Kaiyi cars into their lives and work. In order to meet the market and customer requirements, more new models such as Kaiyi X3 Pro and Kaiyi X7 will be launched soon. 

Since Kaiyi auto started export business in 2021, relying on the regional advantages of Yibin, it has fully integrated high-quality resources at home and abroad, and successfully developed more than 20 countries and regions in the world in just two years through CBU, SKD, CKD, KD and other means. Kaiyi auto has become a dazzling "business card" of Yibin intelligent manufacturing and China intelligent manufacturing in the global market.