Kaiyi's International General Agents Gathers in Yibin City

—— Visits and Inspects Kaiyi's Smart Factory

During the Shanghai International Auto Show held at the end of April, Kaiyi Auto invited numerous international customers to visit and inspect its smart factory and discussed cooperation in Yibin City.

Such visit not only strengthened their confidence in cooperation, but also demonstrated the importance of international customers to Kaiyi Auto. Kaiyi Auto will take this opportunity to accelerate the deepening of international business layout and product innovation.



Smart Factory Enabled Customers to Rest Assured of Quality of Kaiyi Auto

Many partners from Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries visited Kaiyi’s smart factory to get a comprehensive understanding of the intelligent production capabilities of Kaiyi. In addition, Kaiyi’s partners also visited four major workshops and production lines for "intelligent stamping, intelligent welding, intelligent coating, intelligent assembly". The six major features of Kaiyi’s smart factory, i.e. automation, flexibility, modularization, energy conservation, intelligentization & connection, informatization, have left a deep impression on customers. Luis Lzquierdo, General Manager of Andes Motor in Chile, said, “We are delighted to come to Kaiyi for visit and inspection on site. Kaiyi's orderly production process, strict quality control and advanced production technology make us feel at ease with its product quality”. Meanwhile, Luis Lzquierdo rose confidence in the long-term cooperation between Kaiyi and Andes Motor in the future.



 Perfect International Product Planning Gives Customers Confidence in Mutual Cooperation

The international customers had a comprehensive and detailed understanding of Kaiyi’s international strategy and product planning at the negotiation meeting. It is reported that Kaiyi Auto will lay out its strategic vehicle models and comprehensively transform towards new energy vehicles from 2023 to 2025 and Kaiyi Auto will comprehensively develop its new energy vehicle business and deeply expand its international business from 2026 to 2030.

Kaiyi Auto has four major R&D centers and a R&D team consisting of over 1,000 talents now. Kaiyi has obtained over 25,795 invention patents until now. It is expected that Kaiyi Auto will invest RMB10 billion in research and development of new vehicle models in the next three years. It is reported that Kaiyi Auto will adhere to the development concept based on "user needs" and "user thinking", create three major technology platforms including i-FA, i-EA, i-XA, and create high-quality products integrating with intelligence and humanization. Based on the above three technology platforms, Kaiyi Auto will launch 11 series and 23 products in the next three years. After international customers experienced in test driving the first strategic flagship model “X7” on i-FA platform, they highly praised its strong power, comfortable driving space and abundant technological configuration. This enabled international customers to have full confidence in the development of Kaiyi Auto and their mutual cooperation in the future!


Kaiyi’s International Business will Continue to Soar in Q2

Kaiyi’s international business increased by 120% year-on-year in Q1 of 2023. Relying on this visit and negotiation with international customers, Kaiyi Auto has confirmed over 10,000 new international orders. Kaiyi’s international business will continue to soar in Q2.


Since its official launch in 2021, relying on its regional advantages in Yibin, Kaiyi’s international business has fully integrated with international high-quality resources. In just past two years, Kaiyi Auto has successfully entered into more than 30 countries and regions worldwide by various means such as CBU and KD, with the sales exceeding 10,000 vehicles. Kaiyi Auto mainly focuses its international business on four core regions, i.e. the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America and Asia Pacific. Kaiyi Auto has become an emerging force among Chinese auto brands


Kaiyi Auto will be customer-oriented and engage in comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with Huawei, Tencent, CATL and other enterprises in the development of next-generation intelligent vehicles, smart transportation, user co-creation, scenario innovation marketing and application ecology in the future. In addition, Kaiyi Auto will increase the research and development of relevant product models in the international market and further enhance its competitiveness in the global market, so as to make Kaiyi Auto become a global leader in the field of intelligent mobility ecology.