To practice social responsibility, Kaiyi Automobile won the "2020 Responsible Brand Award" in China Charity Festival.

On January 29, the 10th China Charity Festival came to a close in Shanghai. Kaiyi Automobile won the 2020 Responsible Brand Awardat the 10th China Charity Festival for its outstanding performance in fulfilling corporate social responsibility.



Established in 2011, China Charity Festival is the first domestic festival named after public welfarejointly initiated by the mass media. The festival aims to promote the spirit of public welfare, advocate public welfare activities, and build a platform for in-depth dialogue, cooperation and communication among various parties. After ten years of exploration and practice, the Charity Festival has not only become one of the most influential annual events in the public welfare field, but also a weather vane for the development of China's public welfare and an important force in promoting social construction.



In 2020, Kaiyi Automobile will never forget its original aspiration and move forward side by side with public welfare. In January, Kaiyi Automobile launched the Starting from Love, Accompany You Homespecial public welfare program for Sichuan migrant workers during the Spring Festival, providing free tickets for migrant workers returning to their hometowns; During the epidemic, masks were given to car owners for free, and the “2 All 6 Hearts” care service was launched to protect consumers' needs for car viewing, buying, and car use. In addition, at a critical moment in the fight against poverty, Kaiyi Automobile actively responded to the call to win the fight against poverty. In September of the same year, he cooperated with Sichuan Daily to launch the poverty alleviation interview activity A Journey to a Hundred Counties and a Thousand Villages -- Lighting the Poverty Alleviation Map of Sichuan, recording the great course of poverty alleviation, and contributing to social public welfare undertakings with practical actions.


Since its establishment, Kaiyi Automobile has taken it as its duty to repay the society with gratitude and devoted itself unremittingly to public welfare undertakings. From Free Lunch to Spring Bud Project, it continues to provide warmth to poor school children and out-of-school girls. Kaiyi Automobile has been helping the poor families in Pingshan County, Yibin City, Sichuan Province for a long time to carry out the activity of "sending warmth to each household", effectively helping the poor families out of poverty and becoming rich, and striving to build a warmer brand.


As the backbone of the automobile industry, Kaiyi Automobile will continue to practice corporate social responsibility while accelerating the development of high-quality enterprises. We will intensify public welfare actions in targeted poverty alleviation and school aid, stay true to our original aspiration, build our brand with responsibility, and contribute more “Kaiyi” forces to the construction of China's social welfare undertakings!