Kaiyi Intelligent Factory puts into operation with the new model production.

On 24th of December of 2019, the official event of that Kaiyi Automobile Intelligent Factory puts into operation with the new model production has been grandly held in automobile industry zone of Lingang economic and technological development area located in Yibin city. Nearly about thousands of people including party committees of Sichuan Province and Yibin city, government leadership, industry experts, guests from Kaiyi partners, media all over the country and so on, together witnessed this exciting moment.



The first phase of Yibin Kaiyi Automobile intelligent factory covers an area of 973.3 acres, with a total investment of 3.7 billion yuan and the planned annual capacity of 150,000 units. The project came into operation on februry of 2018, and took totally 22 months to complete. As the main leading project of industy development of Yibin city Sichuan Province, the party committee of provinces and cities and government leadership has paeid highly attention on Kaiyi Automobile.


Under the tough situation of global automobile industry, The new round of technological revolution has brought challenges as well as opportunities to Chinese automobile brands. The innovation and breakthrough of core technology is the top priority of intelligent manufacturing. Executive Vice President of China Machinery Industry Federation, Mr Zhang Kelin expressed this new start highlights the ambition and confidence of Yibin City to build a 100 billion auto industry. It also reflects the determination of Sichuan industry to march into the field of "new four modernizations" in an all-round way. It can be predicted that with the increasing depth of the internal power of Kaiyi cars and the constantly breakthrough self-striving attitude of Kaiyi people, Kaiyi Automobile is sure to achieve outstanding results.



As one of the shareholders of Kaiyi Automobile, Chery Automobile has laid a solid foundation for Kaiyi Automobile and provided a high starting point for its development with 22 years of car building technology and experience. In the speech of the president of Chery Automobile, Mr Yin Tongyue expressed great satisfaction of achievements in a short period of time. He praised Kaiyi for its steady progress, which has led to the completion of new factory and new cars rolling off the production line. This is a new starting point and also a new journey. He hoped that Kaiyi Automobile will take root in the west, and build Kaiyi Technology, Kaiyi Quality and Kaiyi Innovation!



Mr Gao Lei, general manager of Yibin Kaiyi Automobile Co., Ltd., gave a comprehensive introduction to Kaiyi Automobile Intelligent Factory. Kaiyi Automobile Intelligent Factory synchronizes with international production standards, with a high starting point, intelligent positioning. It has six features: automation, flexibility, modularization, energy saving, intelligence connection and information technology. Around the lean production system, Kaiyi establishes and develops the four majour processes of intelligent stamping, welding, painting and assembly.


After Kaiyi entered Sichuan, X3 is the first product that will be mass-produced in Yibin Intelligent Factory soon. It has the multiple characteristics of high appearance level, good quality, intelligent technology and safety. Besides safety and fashion, the young generation that has the courage to test new things and always lives with the casual way can also have their own comfortable car.


The opportunity contains brillance, the horn inspires people to forge ahead. Kaiyi Automobile will work hard, innovate and live up to its mission, also would be determined to become the second name card of Yibin City. Let's wait and see.