Kaiyi Auto Expands the Middle East Market, Successfully Enters UAE Market

Recently, Kaiyi Auto announced an inspired news from the Middle East market. The first batch of 200 Kaiyi cars will be delivered to UAE market soon, which means Kaiyi Auto has successfully made breakthrough in UAE market.

This time, UAE Legend Group is the partner selected by Kaiyi Auto. It’s reported that the Legend Group has 15 years of rich experience in the auto industry with strong business ability and perfect marketing platform. In the future, the two sides will adopt more diverse ways of in-depth cooperation. It is planned that the number of orders will exceed 5,000 within three years.

It is reported that since Kaiyi Auto started internationalization strategy in 2020, Kaiyi Auto always looked the Middle East market as an important strategic market. Last year, it successfully obtained GCC certificate and had a pass to enter the Middle East market. Nowadays, Kaiyi Auto rapidly made breakthrough in the Middle East. Many models have been launched and sold out in Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon and other countries, which has built a good foundation for entering the markets of other countries in the Middle East.

Regarding the high temperature environment in the Middle East and the travel requirements of users, Kaiyi Auto has carried out field verification and product improvement on key indicators such as air conditioning refrigeration, heat dissipation, engine power, etc. The compact SUV, X3 Pro and other models have been unanimously recognized by local users.

At present, Kaiyi Auto has successfully entered 25 countries and regions such as Italy, Eastern Europe, South America, etc. Internationalization has become one of the important strategies of Kaiyi Auto, which has laid a firm foundation for Kaiyi Auto to achieve the goal of "3050".