Kaiyi brand is launched in the UAE under the Burj Khalifa

On February 3rd, 2024, Kaiyi Auto participated in the Chinese New Year Celebration hosted by the Chinese Embassy in the United Arab Emirates and the Consulate General in Dubai in the Burj Khalifa Park. Li Xuhang, Consul General of China in Dubai, leaders of the Dubai Ministry of Economy, Zheng Kai, chairman of Dubai Legend Motor Group and general agent of Kaiyi Auto in the UAE, Han Ren, executive director and general manager of Kaiyi International Trading Co., Ltd., CCTV Middle East terminal, People’s Daily Middle East Center branch and major Chinese media in Midddle East attended the event. It was an unprecedented event which attracted tens of thousands of local and overseas people.

Under the Burj Khalifa, the "tallest building in the world" with bright lights and crowds of people, Kaiyi Auto brought products like Kaiyi X7, Kaiyi X3 Pro, Kaiyi E5 etc. The stylish appearance and technological experience attracted everyone's attention at the scene.

Zheng Kai, chairman of Dubai Legend Motor Group and general agent of Kaiyi Auto in the UAE, said that this event not only displayed the rich intangible cultural heritage of China, but also showed the unique charm of the Kaiyi Auto brand to the UAE. The signing ceremony was held in this event with Dubai Taxi Company for 1,000 Kaiyi cars. It is reported that dozens of Kaiyi X7 orders were received on site that day.

The UAE is one of China's largest trading partners in the Arab region, and China is also the UAE's largest trading partner. As an emerging force in the export of Chinese automobile brands, Kaiyi Auto has entered Middle East markets such as Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. As the largest Chinese automobile trading company in the Middle East, Dubai Legend Motor Group also celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2024. The two parties will join forces to bring a more convenient and smarter travel experience to local consumers in the future, allowing Chinese automobile brands to shine on the world stage.